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Your specialist in sports podiatry in Vaucresson (92)

Established in Vaucresson (92) for more than 15 years, Arnaud LEMOINE offers reliable and efficient podiatric services.

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Podiatry is an efficient orthopedic therapy applicable in rheumatology, orthopedic pathology, sport podiatry, podo-pediatrics, diabetology and can also prevent and relieve foot pain.

It corrects the trajectory defects of osteo-articular movements, and the distribution of the forces transmitted in the bone and muscular chains.

Years spent serving high-level sports teams and teaching at the ASSAS school have led me to specialize in thermoforming and heat sealing. Today, I am able to use these techniques in children and control fine soles, providing treatment suited to each patient’s needs.

Many solutions exist to improve comfort, performance and to reduce suffering

Podo-pediatrics Versailles
Podology of sport Garches

To adjust foot abnormalities

Please contact A. LEMOINE for any anomaly in the feet. Various solutions are proposed in terms of screening, advice and if necessary, treatment or orientation:

  • Soles made to measure after baropodoscopic assessment and 3D impression
  • Recording and analysis of supports of inboard soles
  • Medical pedicure care
  • Counseling in sports preparation and massages
  • Manufacture of orthotics of restraint or prevention for nails and toes
  • 100% social security screening and care for medical grade 2 and 3 diabetic patients

Benefit from all the know-how and treatment of the attending physician



  • Social security and vital system
  • Affiliated to the Diabetes Network
  • Affiliated to the mutual group 'Carte Blanche'
  • Member of an accredited management association
  • Payment by check or CB

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