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In office medical pedicure:

  • Pedicure care (calluses, corns, ingrown toenails, warts, mycosis)
  • Tips for preparing your feet at competitions (tanning)
  • Treatment of sweating disorders (Ionophoresis)
  • Massage treatments
  • Manufacture of synthetic nails for aesthetic or corrective purposes (Onychoplasties)
  • Treatment of the shape of nails to limit repeated ingrowing (Orthonyxies)
  • Custom manufacture of small devices to limit the formation of corns or re-positioning of toes (orthoplasties)
  • Screening and care for diabetic patients, 100%* refund (on prescription)
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Hygiene in our consulting room

The growing number of questions about preventive measures for viral diseases leads me to describe the preventive techniques used in our office:

  • Systematic use of single-use equipment (blades, gouges, needles...)
  • Immediate decontamination after use of instruments in acid solution
  • Cleaning the instruments in an ultrasonic tank
  • Sterilization in a Class B autoclave (used in surgery)
  • Systematic cleaning of work surfaces between appointments

"Rigorous hygiene is the best protection for you and us!"

Condition of reimbursement of care by the social security:

The health insurance now reimburses the prescribed care and preventive treatments for diabetic patients of grade 2 and 3 (as prescribed by their physician or diabetologist).

4 sessions per year for patients with Grade 2 lesions (sensory neuropathy associated with lower limb arteriopathy and / or foot deformity).

6 sessions per year for patients with Grade 3 lesions (history of ulceration or limb amputation).

The firm takes over the entire 'diabetic foot' benefit under the POD Act.

NB: All other pedicure treatments can be taken care of if prescribed by the treating physician or very badly reimbursed by the social security. They can, nevertheless, sometimes ask for a refund.

As a partner of the carte blanche group, the Vitale card is accepted and will simplify your procedures.

"As a partner of the carte blanche group, the Vitale card is accepted and will simplify your procedures."

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