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A small foot:

The child's foot is not a mini adult foot.

It is the culmination of a long neurological maturation that requires 7 years of adjustments and re-adjustments, often after a fall....

The child's first steps are central to pediatric orthopedics issues:

Is my child's foot normal? He is pigeon-toed, his knees bump, my child doesn’t walk well, still does not want to walk, falls often..

All these questions can be answered during a clinical examination where the podiatrist conducts a screening, counsels and provides treatment or guidance

Podo-pediatrics Garches
Podo-pediatrics Versailles

Our role:

  • Examine the lower limb
  • Examine walking if possible
  • Footwear consultant or exercises
  • To make small devices to modify the position of the toes, to use the K-taping in contention
  • Adapt soles to the footwear if the pediatrician (or general practitioner) considers it necessary
  • Children benefit from a balance sheet every 6 months for free for a better follow-up
Podo-pediatrics La Celle-Saint-Cloud
Podo-pediatrics La Celle-Saint-Cloud